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Concept for a Kinetic Sculpture Park

Sculpture parks are not new and there are plenty of fine examples throughout the world. However kinetic sculpture parks are rare as are artists who create kinetic sculptures.


So what is a kinetic sculpture park?

It is a park, trail or garden that contains moving sculptures. I am interested in a park that mixes together kinetic and static sculptures. In keeping with environmental considerations only natural materials would normally be used. However each sculpture would be considered on its merits. Kinetic sculptures would be set in motion by wind, water and/or the sun or human interaction. No other power source would be permitted.


Artists from around the world could be invited to work, experiment and present their ideas here. The park would be open to the public who could wander through and enjoy nature as well as interesting thought-provoking art. Shown above is a circular park approximately one kilometer in diameter. This is just to illustrate the idea, the park could of course be any shape or size. I would expect it to be much more spectacular than the plan above. Lakes, streams and waterfalls would be an essential part of an undulating landscape, along with evergreen woodland and grassland areas.


Animals such as sheep, goats and cattle could roam freely through the park keeping grass trimmed and earning their keep. Lakes could support a variety of fish and bird life. In the forest deer and wildboar might be found as well as more common wildlife, like squirrels or rodents. A small bio farm might well be tucked away in a corner where visitors could buy cheese, milk, butter and fresh eggs.


Other areas could include a butterfly-insect farm, restaurants and kiosks. Tree-top walkways and underwater tunnels could be created to allow visitors views of nature they would normally not have. The project need not be particularly expensive as it could be started very simply and grow as new sculptures and features are added.


The park should produce its own energy via solar panels, windfarms and waterpower.

Here you can find links to existing sculpture parks worldwide


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