Sommerberg nature
Just another tree...
The Black Forest would not be the same without its trees.
Gale force winds strike once or twice a year uprooting or snapping tall pines trees - natures way of culling the weaker trees in the forest.
The forest usually takes such events in its stride but sometimes an unusually strong storm can devastate large areas as was the case when storm 'Lothar' struck in 1999. Treeless patches of land caused by the storm can still be found more than 10 years later.
The  forest is always changing, depending on the time of day, weather conditions and the season.
eing alert and keeping your eyes open ensures that walks through the forest can never be boring as there is always something exciting or unusual to see. It may be a lone deer feeding in the distance or wild boar tracks criss-crossing the snow, Black woodpeckers flying between trees or the first spring shoots of wild flowers.

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